Whatever the need or problem we guarantee to give you high quality health care for your family pets. We provide a wide range of veterinary care. From weight loss and wellness clinics to specialised surgical procedures. Please see below our categories explaining to you more extensively about the services we provide. 

•Caesarean section•GDV•Pyometra•Gastrointestinal Foreign Body Removal

There are many kinds of behaviour problems – most of which can be resolved, cured, altered or even managed to make living together more harmoniously

Taking those first few steps with a new pet?

High quality digital radiographs enable the clinicians to make accurate diagnoses at the push of a button

Heavy tartar buildup, infection, and even tooth loss can now be greatly reduced conveniently

•Blood analysis•Urine analysis•Faecal Analysis•Ultrasound(sonar)•Radiology (x-ray) o See the • Viral screening tests Rabies antibody testing

Diagnostic purposes & Elective – pregnancy

Other than proper veterinary care, it is the single most important consideration you can give to your pets.

How to care for our Golden Oldies

Bathing And Nail trimming Adice

Our facilities at Vetland Animal Hospital are modern and of a high quality and standard

For those extra critical cases

Restoring what once was whole but is now broken.

Castration and Sterilisation

And everything else

The How, What and Where of The pregrnant Bitch and her Puppies

How does Vaccinations work and why do we give them

Is my dog overweight?

Why it is important for you to do preventative treatment on your pets against ticks and fleas.

While your pet might be healthy today, there is no way to predict what might happen in the future.