A good start is vital so that you and your pet can have a long and happy life together.


  What does our puppy school offer: By owning a puppy you sign up for a long term relationship, with great responsibility. Preparing yourself and your family is the best recipe for success. Please see our article on HOMECOMING PREPARAT

Golden rules of training: REWARD GOOD BEHAVIOUR – IGNORE BAD BEHAVIOUR DISTRACT AND REPLACE CONSISTENCY … CONSISTENCY … CONSISTENCY   Best place to start is the do's and don'ts of training. Using foo

To have optimal feedback and success during your training sessions, we highly encourage you to do some research on the treats / rewards you use while you train your pet. Hint: the smaller the treat the better. Use a variety strong smelling treats e.g

5 easy steps to a better and happier future with your sanity intact… -“Sit” As Default Behaviour. “Sit” is one of the first behaviours we teach. Even after the dog knows it well we reinforce “sit&rd