Having pet insurance that helps you pay for veterinary care when a pet dog or cat becomes ill or is injured, gives you that peace of mind to avoid having to make tough financial decisions about your pet’s health.

We strongly advise you on doing some research on the available pet insurance companies. To date, we have only had positive feedback and experiences with all of the pet insurance companies that we have been exposed to.

In many cases it saved a few families from going home with broken hearts and empty arms. It’s worth looking into.

Remember: having veterinary pet insurance does not imply FREE pet health care, but rather affordable health care for pet owners. You are still liable to settle your full veterinary bill on discharge of the patient. And then claim back from the pet insurance company. We do not work directly with them.

While doing your research, make sure you find out if they cover:

  • Hereditary or congenital diseases (problems the pet is borne with). In most cases they are not covered. So make sure if you have one of “those” purebred dogs/cats who come with a lot of genetic baggage, that they are fully covered.
  • As well as “pre-existing conditions.”  Signing up as early as possible in the pet’s life, minimizes the chances of a “pre-existing” condition exclusion later in life, such as “allergies” or joint problems. This again, is excluded in most pet insurance companies.

Below are some companies that our clients are listed with: