Diagnostic purposes

We have a very sophisticated ultrasound machine which enables us to visualise and examine an animal’s internal organs. This is a much better and preferred way to visualise and examine soft tissue structures like abdominal organs, rather than using the conventional radiographic imaging technique (x-rays) which by the way, are more ideally suited for bone and chest examinations. Vetland Animal Hospital offers its customers both techniques such that we can offer the customer and his  pet the most ideally suited diagnostic examination for that particular case.

Elective – pregnancy

Ultrasonography is also the preferred way of diagnosing pregnancy in pets, as well as the present state of well-being of the unborn litter. This procedure is best done at or after 25 days into the pregnancy. Movement of the foetuses, even their heartbeats can be seen during this procedure. We can also listen to the tiny heartbeats of the foetuses which tells us if they are healthy and is also just plain satisfying to hear as an owner. It is, however, impossible to determine exactly how many foetuses are present using the ultrasound only. A radiograph will have to be taken to determine the exact litter size. This is a most useful statistic in knowing how many puppies/kittens to expect. You can read up more about what to expect during the Birth Process HERE




A note about fees: Please remember that procedures and tests carry a price tag. As valued client you will always be advised as to what the best diagnostic and therapeutic options are for your pet, but the final choice will lie with you as to what should be done. All hospitalized patients require a 60% deposit on admittion of the pet. Get more info on pet insurance HERE