High quality digital radiographs enable our clinicians to make an accurate diagnoses at the push of a button, no longer having to wait 20-30 minutes for x-ray films to be developed in a dark room as it used to be the norm. This is, naturally, to the benefit of your beloved pet, especially in an emergency situation, when seconds count.

Routine: More for the type of breeds (Labradors, German Shepherds, Generally Large breeds) that are known to get Hip dysplasia or our older geriatric pets to check up on their joints deterioration. Read up more about Hip Dysplasia HERE

Optional – pregnancy determination: To determine the number of puppies (this can only be done in the last 3 weeks of pregnancy when the foetal skeletons begin to calcify), which is always important so that you as the anxious owner can know when the birth process is over and relax without worrying if there is another puppy still to come.

Can you count how many puppies this dog is expecting? Answ: 5

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Diagnostics:  To analyse the extent of Trauma, fractures or ingested foreign bodies, heart or lung diseases. Look what we found inside the tummy of this puppy. Can you see it? No wonder he was uncomfortable... he ate a KNIFE!!!

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