+ 1. My dog is scratching his ears constantly – what can I get over the counter for him?

+ 2. My dog itches a lot and seems to have a rash on his belly – what can I do to relieve the irritation?

+ 3. Why annual vaccinations?

+ 4. My dog is constipated – what can I do for him?

+ 5. Will my pet be alright under anaesthetic for his/ her procedure?

+ 6. How do I stop my dog from digging holes in the garden?

+ 7. Do I need to clean my petÂ’s wound after their surgery?

+ 8. My dog’s eye is tearing excessively/it has a yellow discharge/he is pinching it closed like it is sore – can I get an ointment over the counter?

+ 9. My dog is sick the same as last time and the medicine given last time worked well – can I just come and pick up more tablets?

+ 10. My dog is limping – can I give human pain medication or just get pain medication over the counter?

+ 11. How much will the procedure, that the vet has recommended, cost?

+ 12. Can I pay my account off?

+ 13. When can I have my pet spayed/neutered?

+ 14. If there are no other pets on my property is it still necessary to sterilise my pet?

+ 15. When is my petÂ’s next vaccination due?

+ 16. I found a stray dog / cat – do you have kennelling facilities to board him or her?

+ 17. What should I do if I find a healthy stray dog or cat?

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