There are far fewer or smaller differences between cat breeds (think Siamese and Persian) than there are between dogs (think Chihuahua and Great Dane!).  The number of recognised cat breeds differs according to various cat associations.  The Cat Federation of South Africa recognises 25 breeds, while the Cat Fanciers Association (USA) recognises 41.  Wikipedia lists more than 70 breeds world-wide.  In addition to the recognized breeds are the Domestic Short Hairs and Domestic Long Hairs, which are not breeds but a way to describe cats that do not belong to any particular breed. 

So isn’t a cat always a cat therefor just another cat?  No.  Despite the apparent similarity, it’s still important to choose the correct cat for your circumstances.  Most important influence in making your choice will likely be purebred or moggie, appearance, personality and age.

Don’t forget the other animals.  Introducing a new cat into a home with other pets will require planning and patience on your part.

Still thinking of getting a new kitty? Then the next step is to decide if you want a Purebred or Alley cat.

Step 2: